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Dive Off Bunbury

Octopus Garden Dive Charters offer a range of dive charters to different depths in the crystal-clear waters off Bunbury, in the Western Australia’s South West. Bunbury is located at the northern end of the incredible Geographe Bay and boasts stunning beaches and waters that typify the Western Australian coastline.  

Each diving charter is capped to a maximum of 10 guests only to ensure personalised service and enjoyable experience for all divers on board.

We operate out of Bunbury’s Casuarina Boat Harbour, less than 2 hours drive south of Perth, at the north end of Geographe Bay.

For group bookings, voyage duration and prices call Kim today on 0438 925 011.




World class dive sites

Bunbury is located at the northern end of the incredible Geographe Bay, and boasts stunning beaches and crystal clear waters that typify the Western Australian coastline.  

Come aboard our comfortable 36-foot aluminium diesel-powered vessel that departs from and returns to Casuarina Boat Harbour, Bunbury. All tours include a double dive (including at least one dive on the FV Lena).

Our dive sites include:

  • FV Lena Dive Wreck – 18 metres
  • Blade Coral Reef – 30 to 33 metres
  • Horseshoe Coral Reefs – 15 to 20 metres
  • Lena Coral Reef – 15 to 20 metres
  • Trevor’s Horseshoe Reef – 15 metres
  • Busselton 4-mile reef – 15 to 18 metres
  • Gibbs South Reef Formation – 10 to 12 metres
  • Peter’s North and South Reefs – 10 to 12 metres
  • Leather Jacket Caves – 10 to 12 metres
  • Coral Lumps North of Bunbury – 10 to 18 metres
  • The “Huts” Coral Lumps – 10 to 18 metres
  • Peppy Beach Coral Lumps – 10 to 18 metres
  • Busselton Jetty – 8 metres
Jelly Fish on Coral




"Bunbury's Sunken Treasure".

MANY divers have rated “The Lena” as one of their best dive sites! Bunbury’s Sunken Treasure.

Most of our dive sites are in less than 18 metres of water, which make them ideal for all open water certified scuba divers. All divers must have a minimum of “Open Water” diving qualification for dives 18 metres and less and a minimum of “Advanced Open Water” for dives over 18 metres. Your “dive ticket” must be available to view, & and preferably your diving logbooks.

Our skipper Kim is a PADI Dive Master with over 40 years’ experience in boating and scuba diving. We cater for experienced divers and do NOT provide in water dive supervision unless specifically requested. If you are inexperienced (recently qualified with less than 5 boat dives or “rusty” and have not dived within 24 months), then a dive guide will accompany you for an additional fee.

All charters are ECO friendly. 

No fish or crayfish spearing is allowed. Crayfish can only be caught by hand or loop and must be eaten on board – no crayfish are allowed to be taken ashore.

Complimentary light refreshments are provided ( tea; coffee; cake; cold meat; tomatoes; cheese; fresh bread; chutney), but we would encourage you to bring your own lunch if you’re looking for something more substantial.  For group bookings, we can include catering if required.

Book your dive today with  Kim on 0438 925 011.

Our divers often see…

Our most popular dive site is the FV Lena dive wreck which lies in 18 metres of water and only 3 nautical miles off Bunbury. The Lena was sunk in December 2003 and is now well and truly an “artificial reef”.

Marine Life

We have recorded in excess of 110 species of marine life on the Lena dive site – a photographer’s paradise!!

The most comfortable way to experience the wonders of the Geographe Bay is aboard the SPV Cross Country.  With an enclosed cabin and protected stern deck both you and your personal effects will remain dry and comfortable.10.9 metres; diesel powered with fly bridge; comfortable bathroom/toilet and VERY easy diving access.

All tours include a double dive (including at least one dive on the FV Lena). On many days we complete 3 dives ( on 2 tanks) – one long dive of up to 60 minutes & 2 shorter dives of 20 – 30 minutes each – maximum depth 18 metres.

Dive charters depart by 0830 and return normally no later than 1330 (departing from and returning to the service wharf in Casuarina boat harbour).Our main dive season is October to April (inclusive), however we do dive all other months, “on demand” and “weather permitting”.

Our predominant weather conditions (October to April) are for a moderate easterly wind in the morning 15/20 kms (giving protected offshore waters) abating by late morning with a fresh south west wind by early afternoon (15/20 kms). Water temperature is around 20 degrees between October and April and does not drop below 15 degrees in the winter months.

When we include a reef dive, we regularly catch crayfish and add them to the “lunch menu” – fresh crayfish; fresh bread and vinegar and no extra charge!

For dives within 45 minutes of Casuarina Boat Harbour, double dive day charter is $145 per diver, or “Boat Rate” of $900. (Maximum 10 divers and excluding gear).

Orange Fish Underwater
dolphin cruises Divers

Group Dive Bookings

Group bookings (2 or more) receive discounted rates, as under:

2 divers $145 each
3 divers $140 each
4 divers $135 each
5 divers or more $130 each

For dives further than 45 minutes from Casuarina Boat Harbour, an extra $20 per head applies (extra fuel costs). 

Scuba tanks are available for hire ($15 each) & also we do have limited dive gear available. We prefer for dive gear to be provided by the divers, if not owned, then hired from local dive shops. 

HOWEVER, we are happy to provide full dive gear (including 2 x air cylinders) for $65 per diver. 

For divers in excess of 110 kg, we do NOT have wet suits or BCDs available – local dive shops have an excellent range of dive gear (including air cylinders) at a reasonable rate. Weights are available onboard (at no extra cost). We require a minimum of 2 divers before departing. 

Payment can be by cash or eftpos on the day. A 50% deposit may be requested in advance.

Please phone Kim on 0438 925 011 to book and discuss your needs. Dives are very personalised due to the nature of the business and the variables involved (weather; divers experience; minimum numbers etc). 

PLEASE monitor our Facebook site – “Octopus Garden Dive Charters” for upcoming dive charters & marine species photos.